Let us HELP our brothers & sisters in HAITI who are victims of hurricane Matthew. Let us help them realize that good hearts are around the globe.

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About Us

ACEDECA works with the aim to provide underserved families and children in Haiti with broader educational possibilities so they have a chance at a better future. Education was, is and will always be the key to better lives. When we share knowledge, we also share possibilities. The positive impact that education can make are boundless and you can be part of that movement as a volunteer, a benefactor or a sponsor.

Through ACEDECA, many children in Haiti receive educational support or supplementary scholarships so that they can pursue basic education. By completing their basic education, they can apply for higher academic grounds and may even consider going to college or engaging in vocations or professions that they excel in. Do you realize the small contribution you make today can be a grand impact for someone’s life? At ACEDECA, we realize the value of our work and you can be part of that.

Volunteer today. Or send a donation. You can also sponsor a child. Any way you can help will be appreciated.


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