Let us HELP our brothers & sisters in HAITI who are victims of hurricane Matthew. Let us help them realize that good hearts are around the globe.

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At ACEDECA, we carry out a lot of charity projects La Cahouane, Sud, Haiti.

Among the programs we have in place are:

  • Feeding programs – we gather food resources and utilize monetary donations into preparing more food for homeless people, impoverished communities, and to those individuals stricken with natural and manmade disasters or poverty.
  • Shelter – being homeless and parentless as a child must be among the hardest things in life. We seek out those orphaned minors and provide them roof, clothing, provision, and hopefully a family in us, among other orphans, or through an actual adoption. We believe that by showing compassion and putting action to our sympathies to them, they may be spared from further problems such as human trafficking, substance abuse, and poverty.
  • Health care – we conduct medical missions to areas where proper healthcare is barely accessible such as those in remote locations, calamity-stricken, or impoverished communities.
  • Social services – other than reaching out to the orphans, we also seek to help individuals, couples, or families that need assistance in certain issues such as illnesses, demise, domestic abuse, substance abuse, unemployment, illiteracy, conflicts, etc.
  • Education – through generous donations of privileged and average people alike, aid for students who cannot afford proper educational training is made available. We find children and adults who are enthusiastic to learn but do not have the means of, and then reward them assistance in various ways.
  • Community services – from time to time, we choose certain communities that are underserved in La Cahouane and perform activities that could help the selected area such as cleaning, tree planting, painting, feeding, and other similar works to improve their community.

There are so many ways that ACEDECA provides services to the locals in Haiti. Where there is a need, there we will be. With your help through volunteering your time or sparing a bit of your resources, we can little by little make the world a better place.


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